NSS 75th Anniversary Convention

Cave Trips

An interactive sign-up system for cave trips will be available in early 2016. You must be registered for the convention to view the trip schedule and sign up for activities.

Trips and activities at NSS conventions are not open to the public.

Pre-Convention Field Trips

Thursday-Saturday, July 14-16:
   Alpine Karst of the Bear River Range, Utah

Thursday-Sunday, July 14-17:
   Canyoneering near Zion National Park

Friday, July 15:
Due to circumstances beyond our control, this event has been cancelled. The NNSS still runs occasional tours for the public, but you need to check their website for details.
   Nevada National Security Site:
   Departs from & returns to Las Vegas

Sunday, July 17:
This event is sold out.
   Geology Field Trip: Departs from & returns to Ely

White Nose Syndrome decontamination protocols!

Out of all the many cave explorers and organizations, the 2016 convention staff believes that NSS cavers are the most aware and responsible visitors to our underground wilderness areas. The reality of WNS issues and subsequent management decisions has impacted us all.

As responsible cavers, the 2016 NSS Convention will be requiring full compliance with USFWS decontamination protocols to prevent the spread of White Nose Syndrome.

If you plan to go caving during the convention, please decon all of your gear before you arrive in Nevada! We are hoping to have some "loaner" gear for our guests to use. That information will be shared here when it is available.

Download the current protocol.
Download the recent protocol update.

Check the NSS WNS page for current news.