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Airport Details

If you don't mind a possibly higher price, the regional airport at Elko, Nevada would be the most convenient. Elko features several car rental agencies, but it's still 180 miles north of Ely. If you price-shop, the connecting flights into Elko might even be competitive. Quite often, though, flights in and out of Las Vegas are highly competitive. It's one of the busiest airports in the world.

Although it's a bit further from Ely, the road from Reno to eastern Nevada offers a truly unique experience. Highway 50 roughly parallels the Pony Express Trail. Remnants of the trail are visible for much of the way. This route cuts through the heart of the Great Basin.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

McCarran International Airport
Distance from Ely: 241 miles
FAA code: LAS
Website: https://www.mccarran.com/

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City International Airport
Distance from Ely: 240 miles
FAA code: SLC
Website: http://www.slcairport.com/

Elko, Nevada

Elko Regional Airport
Distance from Ely: 188 miles
FAA code: EKO
Website: http://www.flyelkonevada.com/

Reno, Nevada

Reno-Tahoe International Airport
Distance from Ely: 321 miles
FAA code: RNO
Website: http://www.renoairport.com/

Ely, Nevada

Yelland Field
There is no commercial service into this airport.
Airport is open 24/7 with pilot-controlled lighting on 122.8 and ASOS on 120.625
FAA code: KELY
Unofficial Website: http://www.elyairport.org/Airport_Info.html