NSS 75th Anniversary Convention

Ely Community Mural

Want to be a part of art history?

The City of Ely displays a proud collection of outdoor murals dedicated to their history and to the people that built their community. The murals, spread across town, are owned by the Ely Renaissance Society. Founded in 1999, their vision is to encourage an attractive downtown area representative of the art and culture belonging to the diverse groups of people who built and strengthened the small community through the years.

Their impressive collection of murals includes scenes from the Pony Express to the mining and ranching industries that have contruibuted such a strong heritage to the region.

Yet, we feel they are missing a mural.

Great Basin National Park is just a short drive away from Ely. One of the park's iconic attractions is Lehman Cave.

Lehman Cave attracts tens of thousands of visitors to eastern Nevada yearly, a trend that began not long after their discovery in the late 1880s by Absalom Lehman. For over 60 years, Lehman Caves National Monument protected these underground wonders, with their unique geology and ecology. And today, they remain protected as part of Great Basin National Park.

The 2016 convention is working with NSS caver-artists to design a mural that will be donated to the Ely Renaissance Society in celebration of their beautiful cavern in Great Basin National Park.

We specifically need help in project management and grant writing to accomplish this task. The unveiling ceremony will be on the opening weekend of our convention in 2016.

If you're interested in contributing to the history of this wonderful collection of art, send an e-mail to nss75th@caves.org if you'd like to help.