NSS 75th Anniversary Convention

Amateur Radio Special Event Station

If you would like to volunteer for this project, please contact Bill Frantz at frantz@pwpconsult.com.

The NSS 75th Anniversary Convention will host the amateur radio special event station K7C. This special event station will be open to any NSS member that wishes to try their hand at around-the-world radio communications. If you are a licensed amateur radio operator, there will be radios available for your use or you can use your own.

For those of you that are not licensed amateur radio operators, don't worry, a controlling operator will be made available so you can still have fun. QSL cards will be made available for contacts made.

Sharpen up your multilingual skills because the world will be waiting for you to say hello. So bring your amateur radio license, bring your radios, or just bring yourself, and see who you can reach by radio.

Who knows? Nevada is known for its extraterrestrials.

If you'd like to volunteer on this project, send an e-mail to the 2016 NSS Convention at frantz@pwpconsult.com.

Operating Dates: Jul 17-Jul 23

Operating Frequencies:
Approximately 7.195 - 14.285 and, should the sunspots shine, 28.385. 146.535 MHz for local contacts.