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Hoover Dam Hot Spring

Coordinates:   36.01, -114.745
Water temperature:   107.96°F
PDF report:   ColoradoRiver.pdf


There are four hot springs along about 6 km of the Colorado River below Hoover Dam; three of these are on the Nevada side of the river. Nevada hot springs are in Sec. 29, T22S, R65E and Secs. 5, 8, 21, T23S, R65E. Reported temperatures range from 25.6-62.8°C (Garside and Schilling, 1979).

The closest to the dam is locally referred to as Goldstrike Hot Springs in the informally named Goldstrike Canyon. The next spring to the south has been called Boy Scout Hot Springs. Farther south, near White Rock Canyon, on the Arizona side of the river are the so-called Arizona Hot Springs. Another Nevada-side hot spring is located farther south, half-way between White Rock Canyon and Big Sand Bar. The springs are used for soaking by Las Vegas area visitors, although they are not easily accessible. Estimated subsurface temperatures are 90-120°C (McKay, 1981).

Water Chemistry:
Measurements   Composition
milligrams per liter
Sample date:
Sodium (Na):
Potassium (K):
Lab-test pH:
Calcium (Ca):
Total dissolved solids:
Magnesium (Mg):
Iron (Fe):
Strontium (Sr):
Lithium (Li):
Boron (B):
Silica (SiO2):
Bicarbonate (HCO3):
Sulfate (SO4):
Chloride (Cl):
Fluoride (F):

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