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Ash (alamo) Springs Area

Coordinates:   37.46, -115.1867
Water temperature:   87.98°F


Ash (Alamo) Springs are south of Crystal Springs at NW¼ NW¼ NW¼ Sec. 6, T6S, R61E). There are six main springs. Reported temperatures are 31-36°C and flow rates are 28,880 to 39,000 L/min (Eakin, 1963b; Mifflin, 1968). The springs issue from a contact between alluvium and dolomite bedrock. The water is used for irrigation and domestic purposes. The springs were used in the past as a spa, but the facility was closed during a 1993 visit. Natural pools are used for bathing. Brownie Spring (SE¼ NE¼ SE¼ Sec. 28, T5S, R60E), about 3 km northwest of Ash Springs, is reported to be warm (Hess and Mifflin, 1978, p. 108). Garside and Schilling (1979) reported that Carpenter (1915) mentioned a "warm" spring in Section 18, 5 km to the south of Ash Springs. This is an error; the spring referred to is reported by Carpenter (1915) to be in T6N, and thus refers to Hot Springs Ranch Spring in northeastern Nye County.

[Ash Springs are located on private property. Access may be restricted. Other springs are located nearby on BLM land.]

Water Chemistry:
Measurements   Composition
milligrams per liter
Sample date:
Sodium (Na):
Potassium (K):
Lab-test pH:
Calcium (Ca):
Total dissolved solids:
Magnesium (Mg):
Iron (Fe):
Strontium (Sr):
Lithium (Li):
Boron (B):
Silica (SiO2):
Bicarbonate (HCO3):
Sulfate (SO4):
Chloride (Cl):
Fluoride (F):

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