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Bog Hot Springs

Coordinates:   41.9228, -118.805
Water temperature:   132.08°F
PDF report:   Bog_Hot_Valley.pdf


Bog Hot Springs in Secs. 7 and 18, T46N, R28E have been used since the turn of the century for stock watering and irrigation of 1.6 km of wild hay. Also, they are presently used for domestic water and hot mineral baths on the Bog Hot Springs Ranch (Peterson and Hoover, 1977). The springs reportedly discharge up to 3800 L/min, and may be associated with an active fault zone (Sinclair, 1962c). The highest surface temperature reported is 55°C (Sanders and Miles, 1974), and estimates of the reservoir temperature from chemical geothermometers are about 108°C, although the springs may be a mixed water system.

Bog Hot Valley is located along a major fault lineament between Soldier Meadows Hot Springs and Oregon (Hose and Taylor, 1974). This lineament can be seen on the geologic map of Nevada from N30-35°E (Stewart and Carlson, 1978), a distance of >105 km. Hose and Taylor (1974) believe the lineament may have been a large fault through early Tertiary terrain. Any tectonism that occurred after the Oligocene and Miocene volcanic rocks were deposited resulted in modest displacement, manifested in the volcanic cover.

Geothermal features: Geothermal anomalies are reported along the lineament's western branch in the vicinity of Bog Hot Valley, McGee Mountain, and Gridley Lake. Hulen (1983) suggested that geothermal fluid flow is controlled by the intersection of the northeast-striking Basin and Range fault with an older, northwest-striking normal fault system.

Water Chemistry:
Measurements   Composition
milligrams per liter
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Sodium (Na):
Potassium (K):
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Calcium (Ca):
Total dissolved solids:
Magnesium (Mg):
Iron (Fe):
Strontium (Sr):
Lithium (Li):
Boron (B):
Silica (SiO2):
Bicarbonate (HCO3):
Sulfate (SO4):
Chloride (Cl):
Fluoride (F):

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