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Diana's Punch Bowl & Pott's Ranch

Coordinates:   39.03028, -116.66642
Water temperature:   140.9°F
PDF report:   Dianas_Punch_Bowl.pdf


Diana's Punch Bowl (Dianna's, Devils) (Sec. 22, T14N, R47E) is a cup-shaped depression about 15 m in diameter at the top of a domelike hill of travertine about 183 m in diameter. Warm water in the pool of the bowl is about 9 m below the rim, while the top of the hill is about 23 m above the level of Monitor Valley. A small warm spring, about 43-49°C in temperature, issues from the southwest corner of the travertine dome (Fiero, 1968). Temperatures up to 59°C have been reported, and the estimated minimum reservoir temperature by several chemical geothermometers is 88-97.7°C (Mariner and others, 1974; Hose and Taylor, 1974). Very slightly anomalous radioactivity (16 μR/hr) is reported by Wollenberg (1974b). The thermal area lies on a north-trending, concealed fault in the central part of Monitor Valley (Stewart and Carlson, 1974; Fiero, 1968). Spurr (1905, p. 257) describes a report by J.L. Butler that the water level had lowered and water became cooler in the years prior to 1905. Also, he reported that more gas was formerly emitted and occasional flames were seen.

Hot Springs at Potts Ranch are about 6 km north of Dianas Punch Bowl, in Sec. 1, 2, T14N, R47E, also in the central part of Monitor Valley. Maximum temperatures here are 45°C, and the estimated minimum reservoir temperatures are nearly identical to those at Dianas Punch Bowl (88-98°C). A number of springs and seeps are present in the area near Potts Ranch, and travertine mounds are present in a few areas. The springs lie along a northeast-striking fault which crosses Monitor Valley here (Stewart and Carlson, 1974). The outflow from the hot springs at Potts Ranch and Dianas Punch Bowl contains a small minnow, the speckled dace (Hubbs and others, 1974). The stream courses from some springs have been ditched to improve their flow.

[These springs are on private property. While the owner graciously allows access, please be respectful and leave the place as you find it. Diana's Punch Bowl is a fascinating geothermal landform, but it's also boiling hot. Please do not try to enter the pool.]

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