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Gandy Warm Springs

Coordinates:   39.46028, -114.03667
Water temperature:   79.7°F
PDF report:   Gandy_Warm_Springs.pdf


Gandy Warm Springs is a refreshing oasis of tiny waterfalls, pools, caves, and crystal clear streams with water temperatures up to 81°F. Located on the western edge of Snake Valley, near the Nevada border, the springs are at the base of the southern tip of Spring Mountain (also called Gandy Mountain). The spring water that cascades down the slope of Spring Mountain joins a larger spring that emerges from a cave, initiating the eastward-flowing Warm Creek (also called Gandy Creek). Lush green vegetation, including mosses, watercress, and bright green algae, and animals such as aquatic snails (including the endemic springsnail, Pyrgulopsis saxatilis, found only at Gandy) and the native speckled dace wonderfully stand in stark contrast to the surrounding dry yellow grasses and desert shrubs. Gandy is a popular spot for locals who use the area for soaking, swimming, and baptisms.

Given the small size of Spring Mountain, a cluster of hills extending a mile north-to-south and rising just 1000 feet above the surrounding landscape, as well as the noticeably dry climate, one is amazed when considering the voluminous output of Gandy Warm Springs. Every minute, the springs discharge nearly 9000 gallons of water. In other words, Gandy Warm Springs can fill 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools every day.

Water Chemistry:
Measurements   Composition
milligrams per liter
Sample date:
Sodium (Na):
Potassium (K):
Lab-test pH:
Calcium (Ca):
Total dissolved solids:
Magnesium (Mg):
Iron (Fe):
Strontium (Sr):
Lithium (Li):
Boron (B):
Silica (SiO2):
Bicarbonate (HCO3):
Sulfate (SO4):
Chloride (Cl):
Fluoride (F):

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