NSS 75th Anniversary Convention

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We know that NSS grottos are always challenged to find engaging programs for their regular meetings. Just like newsletter content, it's an ongoing issue. We also want to share the fun stories about caving in Nevada (and all the other cool stuff in our state!)

Members Only Videos

Additional videos are available to current members of the National Speleological Society. To access this content, you need to log in for additional download links.

So, here's our solution... For the next few months, we'll load some pretty decent videos you may freely download and play at your monthly meetings. We appreciate your help in sharing the sights and sounds of Nevada as we lead up to hosting the NSS 75th anniversary celebration in July of 2016.

Many of these videos may be freely downloaded by anyone. But, some videos are restricted to NSS members only. It all depends on the permissions we have received from the producers of this material.

If you use any of this material at your grotto meetings, drop us a line. We'd love to hear what your members thought of the programs!

Grotto Programs

These files are distributed in MP4 format. You should be able to play these with any computer. If you absolutely must have a playable DVD, let us know. We might be able to accommodate your request.

Video Files
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2016 Convention:
Promotional Video


2016 Convention Staff

102 MB

We'd love to have you share our promotional video with your grotto! Nevada is pleased to host the 75th Anniversary Convention of the National Speleological Society in our state! Special thanks to Jon Jarvis, Director of the US National Park Service for the cameo appearance!

There might just be life on Mars - Penelope Boston, NSS / TED.com


TED Media

123 MB

So the Mars Rovers didn't scoop up any alien lifeforms. Scientist, and NSS caver, Penelope Boston thinks there's a good chance a 25 to 50 percent chance, in fact - that life might exist on Mars, deep inside the planet's caves. She details how we should look and why.

Dr. Boston will be moderating a session at the 2016 convention on the future of caving.

Due to restrictions from TED.com, this video must be downloaded from their website.

Wild Nevada:
White Pine Mining District


KNPB - PBS Reno, Nevada

421 MB

Hosts Chris Orr and Dave Santina unite with USFS rangers Fred Frampton and Tom Flanagan to explore ghost towns of the White Pine Mining District. This program is an excellent overview of the abbreviated success of this once rich mining area located near Ely, Nevada. Ghost towns in this episode include Hamilton, Treasure City, Eberheardt, Shermantown and the iconic Belmont Mill. These locations will be featured in many of the field trips offered during the 2016 convention.

Wild Nevada:
Great Basin National Park


KNPB - PBS Reno, Nevada

381 MB

Hosts Chris Orr and Dave Santina explore the trails of the Great Basin National Park with guide and park ranger, Sarah Remec. After navigating the many climates and niches of the park, the two pass through Baker Nevada and the Grey Cliffs Camp Grounds. The two end up at Lehman Caves and are lead through the maze of rooms and caverns by Roberta Moore.

Wild Nevada:
Monitor Valley


KNPB - PBS Reno, Nevada

400 MB

Joining Chris and Dave on this trip is Rich Moreno, publisher of Nevada Magazine. Their trip begins at the geographic center of Nevada and takes in the Hickison Petroglyphs Recreation Area, Spencer's Hot Springs and the Toquima Cave Petroglyph site in the Smokey Valley Area. They then head to Monitor Valley to visit the miniature grand canyon and explore the hoodoos of McCann Canyon.

Wild Nevada:
Blue Mass


KNPB - PBS Reno, Nevada

404 MB

NSS member and legendary Nevada caver Alvin McLane joins hosts Dave and Chris for a journey through White Pine County from Ely to the scenic Blue Mass area. This trip explores the historic Lincoln Highway over Schellbourne Pass to Antelope Valley to the Tunnel Canyon Pictograph Site and the remains of ghost town Tippet, Nevada. The crew then heads south into the Kern Mountains and the fascinating Blue Mass Scenic Area.

Exploring Nevada:
Riding the Rails to Old Ely


Nevada Cultural Affairs

543 MB

This episode covers the rich history of the Nevada Northern Railyard in Ely. The Smithsonian Institution has called it the "best preserved shortline railroad in the country" and it was an integral part of the town's early success. Even their steam whistle can be heard all over town! The NNRY will be heavily featured during the 2016 convention of the NSS.

Exploring Nevada:
Rock Art


Nevada Cultural Affairs

417 MB

Nevada contains a deep history of pre-historic rock art. These writings, from long-vanished tribes, may be hundreds, even thousands of years old. This program is an outstanding overview of the rock art sites across Nevada - and their fragile susceptibility to encroachment from the state's expanding population.