NSS 75th Anniversary Convention

Free Stuff

Just for fun, the 2016 production team has gathered some material to get you in the mood for the first NSS convention ever held in Nevada! Some of this informs, some entertains and some is just too far out there to classify.

Grotto Programs
We know that NSS grottos are always challenged to find engaging programs for their regular meetings. Just like newsletter content, it's an ongoing issue. We think these might be good programs you might want.

Steam Train Ringtones
Because, seriously, who wouldn't want the wail of a century-old steam locomotive for a ringtone? Right?

Cell Phone Skins
Carry a little bit of the Great Basin with you on your mobile device with these cell phone skins.

Facebook Cover Pics
We found these fun pics that would look pretty cool on the top of your Facebook profile. Help yourself!

Roadtrip Travel CDs
The material on this page may be freely downloaded, burned to a CD, or loaded into your mobile device. Some of this is pretty impressive, and some, well... it was free. So there.

Ghost Story CDs
Doesn't it seem that ghostly hauntings are usually confined to out-of-the-way places? If that's true, then the American west's Great Basin should be full of ghosts.

Find a Topo Map
Compliments of the US Geological Survey, you can download any topo map from Nevada and the surrounding states to help prepare for your convention trip.

Show me the mining!
Zoom in and take a virtual tour of some of the most productive mine sites in Nevada!